If you’re hungry, we’re sure you’re searching high and low for a restaurant near you. Luckily, there’s one nearby! At the corner of Center Avenue and Saginaw Street in Bay City, you’ll find a restaurant like one you’ve never experienced: Rudy’s Red Lion Diner. Not only is our diner classic in style, but classic in taste too.

Back in the 1920s, the first American diner opened. The very first diner was called Summit Diner located in Summit, New Jersey, and was fabricated from a traditional rail car. Back then, most diner restaurants were opened from either a rail car or a mobile home. This only meant the diners were narrow and cozy. And although many vintage diners have expanded space to create more comfort for guests, traditional American diners tend to keep their quarters smaller.

At Rudy’s Red Lion Diner, you can expect to be cozy, yet comfortable. We set the atmosphere up for success by providing guests with a vintage feel and modernized food for superior comfort. Our menu consists of the classic all-American cheeseburger and fries to sunny-side-up eggs, hashbrowns and juicy bacon. We truly wanted our restaurant to shine above the rest in the Bay City area, and our guests tell us we do. We want you to join us for an early breakfast, mid-day lunch or late dinner. Feel free to stop by our diner in downtown Bay City today. Our hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday

7:00AM – 2:30PM

Friday – Saturday

7:00AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 4:00PM